Mouse Guard Play Report — Session 6

Badger Don’t Give a $@#!

Fall Back

The setup for this mission was fairly straight-forward; the patrol had spent the summer and fall doing the various tasks the Mouse Guard did, while also investigating the insurrection they’d spent the last two seasons uncovering. Now, with fall turning to winter, the patrol had to race back to Lockhaven with some vital intelligence they’d uncovered, before the snows hit and made their return more perilous.

“Prep” for session 6, via

Weather Witch

The session opened with the characters slogging through a cold, torrential rain, which forced a survival test right off the bat. Luckily, the group rolled well, and soon came to a flooded stream — no big deal for you or me, but to a mouse, it might has well have been a real river. The group decided to try and build a makeshift raft, but failed their test. Rather than have them lose their package of intelligence, I instead opted to move them too far down stream to make it to the town they were near, and also to make the helpers angry.

The Order of Things

Confronted with this new threat, the patrol was divided The patrol leader (Jasper) decided they should bypass the entire scene, since they had important information to get back to Lockhaven with. The other patrol members, however, wanted to fight the creature, and hopefully save whatever animal it was trying to eat. In the end, they decided to go against their orders and attack (I might have forced the issue by describing the badger coming out of the burrow with bits of egg shell on it’s muzzle; defend the weak).

Winter is Coming

After driving the badger away, the group investigated the remains of the nest. Sadly, most of the eggs had been eaten or crushed, but they did manage to find a single survivor, buried in the dirt. I allowed one of the patrol (Quinn) to learn that it was a turtle’s egg, since she has turtle wise. Excited at the possibility of having a “pet,” the players hauled the egg out and began to make their way to Lockhaven, which they could see in the distance.



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